Beta Feedback

After getting my project into a presentable form, I was able to send out the file to others to take a look at the app. I got both Davidson students and students from other schools even, though coordinating with faculty over the weekend ended up being problematic. There are many improvements suggested and while I would like to address all of them, some of them are just implausible with my current range of skills.

One of the complaints was about the Davidson map itself, as the image was too blurry to see well and could not be zoomed in or moved to suit the users preference. This can be easily fixed by getting a higher resolution photo and adding scrolling capability to the screen and is something that shouldn’t take too long to implement.

Another user stated that the search function was confusing. While I admit that the web viewer of Davidson’s search engine is a little clunky, unfortunately it is the only way I can present it without creating an entirely new website, which would take more than the deadline by far and would require me to learn a lot more things. I will try to adjust the into screen text to help users use the search function clearly, but aside from that there is little I can do.

Another user also suggested that the app show where a place is on the map. While motion tracking is a bit out of my current skills, it should be possible to add some cropped sections of the Davidson map to give users a better sense of where things are. I would personally hope that the directions included in the descriptions would also be help enough, and they may be since it didn’t seem like the testers spent much time reading them.

Another final point to mention is that the test did help me find one particular glaring error, where the search screen did not redirect to an existing screen. In addition, I discovered that certain settings had to be unlocked to allow the app to work since it was being read as a “third party source.” I do not think this would be the case for an official version of the app, but I am at least now aware of the process.


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