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The Plough that Broke the Plains

Titanic Songs

It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down (1915)

Down With The Old Canoe (1938)

Mid-semester blog assignment

For your mid-way post of the semester, I want you to consider how the course has evolved so far.

  • Begin by reading all of the class’s posts. As you reread them, take notes, critically reading your and your colleagues’ entries as if they were assigned texts. (You are not grading this work so much as commenting on it and noticing what you and the class noticed from week to week.)
  • Then, compose a short analysis and reflection. This meta-post is open-ended and the exact content is up to you, although it should be thoughtful and directed. You should quote briefly from or reference AT LEAST FIVE of your own or others’ posts.


Some questions to consider might include:

  • What has the class tended to write about?
  • Are there broad themes or specific concerns that reoccur?
  • Has the nature of the class’s posts changed in the past eight weeks?
  • What changes do you notice, and how might you account for those changes?
  • What surprised you as you reread your work?
  • What ideas or threads in your posts do you see as worth revisiting?
  • What else do you notice?



The Burned District

Updated library worksheet

Library worksheet

When am I due to present?

When did I sign up to post?

Technical difficulties?

If you’re having technical issues with the class, strive to give as much information as possible when describing the problem.  Answering the following questions is a great start!

  1. What tool are you having trouble with?
  2. Can you take a screenshot of the problem?
  3. What do you expect to happen?
  4. What did actually happen?
  5. What browser are you using?
  6. What operating system are you using?
  7. Are you getting any error message?
  8. What steps did you take before the error occurred?
  9. What steps have you taken to fix the error?
  10. Is the issue reproduceable?
  11. How urgent is the issue?
  12. Are there any additional information you can provide?

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