Through the many accounts of the residents of Galveston that appear during the portion of the book in which the storm is happening, we the readers get some context and see that they now have the grasp of the reality that death is a possibility for some of them. The account of Louis Hopkins, who was a child at the time, expresses how a child might have processed all of the things going on around, from the sadness she felt about the flooding of her mother’s garden  to her mother’s frantic scramble to get everyone and everything of value to the 2nd floor of the house. We also get another account of Louisa Rollfing who we had met  earlier in the book. She too faced the reality that this storm was now a danger to her family hastily grabbing things all over the house. Through this we see the more a of fearful human perspective of the victims of the storm because personal and Larson is trying to add emotional conflict and empathize with these mothers and children. zhedrick states in his post “Leave Isaac Alone” that the weather bureau was at fault for the massive loss of life that could have been completely avoidable and that Isaac’s and the rest of the residents of Galveston were going to pay a hefty price for putting their confidence in the wrong people some of them with their children, some of them with their lives.