First, login to Reclaim Hosting.  If you do not have an account through your school, go to: and login. Then, click on Cpanel and select your domain.

If you do have an account through your school, go to your school portal.  At Bates College, the portal is

Scroll down until you see Domains, and click on subdomains:

Enter in the name of your subdomain, and click create:

Then, click on the Reclaim Hosting logo, and scroll down until you see Applications.  Click on the All Applications button:

From the available applications, select the one you want to use:

In whatever application you choose, click on the Install this Application button:

Then, select the subdomain you just created:

Create a user name and password – this will let you login to your site, then click the install button:

To access the “back end” of your new site (where you can edit, add material, etc) you can always navigate to My Apps (under Applications on your Cpanel) and click on the link in your subdomain that ends /admin:

Creating a subdomain and installing WordPress with Reclaim
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