Hypothes.is is a tool that allows you to collaboratively annotate the web (it is very cool!).  For most of your classes with me, you’ll be working with annotation groups.

Step 1: First, sign up for an account with Hypothes.is at https://hypothes.is/signup

Step 2: Once you’ve been assigned a group, you should receive a URL that looks like this: https://hypothes.is/groups/1PP7DwYL/XXXX

Step 2: Click on the link and sign in to your group.

Step 3: Once you have logged in, go to the page you will be annotating (this will usually be linked from your course site)

Step 4: Make sure you select your group (click on the group title)

Step 5: Then highlight text that you have questions about, or you think is important.  Click on “annotate” and enter your question or comment.  Click on “Post to [your group]”

Congratulations, you have made an annotation!

You can also respond to things your colleagues have posted.

Posting with Hypothes.is
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