Back in 2011, ProfHacker recommended (and has continued annually to recommend) an end-of-semester re-cap. Now that my students’ final projects are in, I thought it would be a good time to publicly take stock of what worked, what didn’t, and what’s next.

What worked really well for each course you taught?

I’m lucky enough to be a postdoc this year, so I was only responsible for one course – Digital Maps, Space and Place. This was my first time teaching a course “native” to Digital Studies – that is, one that didn’t combine digital humanities methods into a history course, but was designed to put those methods at the center of what happened in my classroom. I was afraid that students would have trouble learning the many new technologies that I threw at them, and I was pleased to find that they were willing to take on tools that they were previously totally unfamiliar with. I’m hoping to lean into this willingness more in future, and spend a bit less time teaching the tools, and a little more talking about the theory behind tool design. I hope that this will prove engaging for students, and …read more

End-of-the-semester Review

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