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The movie C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America portrays America with the same basic historical timeline as the one we know today but with many historical changes.  As Max points out, this film was meant to be a more humorous take on the Confederacy, but it also shows the racism existing in the South during and after the war.  The movie takes the stereotypical racist South to the extreme, having all of the subsequent decisions of the United States as exclusive and racist.

The most surprising changes in well-known historical events were the Great Depression and World War II.  When the stock market crashed in 1929, according to the Confederate States of America, in order to get out of the depression the Confederate States revived the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The Trans-Atlantic slave trade legally ended in the early nineteenth century in the United States, and it is surprising that in this fictitious racist country, the Confederate States decide to reopen this trade.  The opening of the slave trade is followed by the start of Hitler’s reign in Germany and the beginning of World War II.  In this alternate history, the Confederate States of America do not intervene in the war with Germany but instead begin a war with Japan.  The Confederate States generally agree with Germany’s plan, but believe that the Japanese are weak due to their small structure.  On December 7, 1941, the day we know for the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Confederate States attack Japan.  Both of these events are surprising changes based on the racism of the Confederate States.

The Confederate States of America portrays a different America than what we know but with the same historical events.  Although we will never know if America would have been like what is shown if the Confederacy won, this movie shows the extreme of what could have been.  I don’t completely agree with this extreme view because I think that even if the Confederacy had won, slavery would have been eradicated eventually based on the economy or a slave uprising.  But the movie provides a historical take on what could have been if the Union failed to win the war.

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