Your final project will be a public-facing website.  You should build it on a subdomain different from that which you use for you class blog.  You should submit your website to me, via e-mail by the end of finals week.  Your website should include the following components:

  • The questions you sought to answer about your data.
  • Discussion of how the data was produced (both the collaborative work done by the class, and the cleaning and additional research that you undertook) (~250 words + at least 3 citations)
  • Any context that you think your viewer will need to understand the data (~250 words + at least 1 citation)
  • Ethical concerns you grappled with and addressed while working with the data (~250 words + at least 3 citations)
  • Analysis – this should include the code that you wrote in the form of an embedded notebook, and a discussion of why the methods (Code + ~250 words + at least 3 citations)

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