Research Progress on the Sea Islands Storm

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After thoroughly searching for different sources involving the Sea Islands Hurricane of 1893, I definitely agree with Dr. Shrout’s assessment that there is a lack of source material on the event. Most of the few secondary sources that speak of the event talk about what happened in South Carolina more than what happened off of the coast of Georgia. Many of the newspaper articles talk about the damage of the storm without going into depth about the social repercussions of the storm. As such, it is difficult to find information about how the elites dealt with the storm and their club on Jekyll Island. I still have not decided what my next plan of action is. I may look at the role of elites in natural disasters more generally, or I may look at hurricanes during the Gilded Age with a focus on social impact. I am also still a “baby” learning how to walk with more extensive research specifically in the field of History, so I am sure that my research skills are not the best. I am definitely frustrated with the lack of sources that I can find, and I am not used to having to widen the scope of a research project; I have always been so focused on narrowing the research topic. I am sure that as I begin to find resources talking about other natural disasters that relate to this one, I will gain more excitement about studying the topic, and I will be able to move passed my frustration.