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For the next few weeks, we’re going to be using Lyceum forums to be in touch with each other, discuss readings, and maintain a sense of community within the class.

If you’ve never used the forums on Lyceum before, here’s a quick tutorial!

First, navigate to your course Lyceum page, and locate the forum you’re meant to post in. It will have this symbol:

Lyceum forum symbol

Click on the forum.

You’ll see a list of discussion threads, the title of the thread, who started it, how many people have replied, who the last post was by, and when it was created.

In this example, the title of the thread is “Check in – week 10 – 3/22-3/28. The person who started the thread is me. There are no replies, and my post starting the thread is the last one.

Click on the title of the thread.

From here, you can reply to the thread as a whole, or click on individual posts and reply to those. I’ll demo replying to the thread as a whole.

Click the “Reply” link.

You’ll see a basic text box – like this:

A basic reply box.

You can enter text here, but if you want to add images, gifs, videos or anything else, you’ll need to click on the “Advanced” link in the lower right-hand corner.

You’ll then have some options for adding media to your posts:

A more advanced text box, with some options for adding media.

You can upload images or videos, or insert links from the internet. I added a picture of my dog. Links from the internet need to end in .jpg or .png. You can also select “browse repositories” to search for images in the public domain:

Either use an image URL or…
Search wikimedia

Once you’ve finished composing your post, scroll down and click “Post to Forum”

Your post should now be visible!
Making the most of Lyceum forums

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