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Readings: You are expected to read, digest and consider all of each week’s readings. CSUF expects three hours of outside work for each hour spent in the classroom. That means that you should expect to put in 7.5 hours of work each week on average. Plan to budget for 2 hours of work in advance of each class – and more for writing assignments during the weeks they are due. If you find that the reading is taking up more time than that, come meet with me to discuss reading and study strategies.


For EACH READING OTHER THAN RAMPOLLAyou must fill out a “reading for history” sheet. Bring all of these sheets AND the day’s reading to class with you every day IN HARD COPY.


If you do not have your reading sheets and copy of the reading with you in class, you will receive a 0 for participation that day.


Reading responses. TEN times during the semester, you will post substantive commentary to the course blog.


This blog is meant to be a conversation amongst scholars (you and your peers). These should be more than simple summaries – they should demonstrate a critical consideration of the week’s reading. Through these response papers, you will develop the skills necessary to critically read historical monographs and articles.


EIGHT of these posts will be on class readings of your choosing – four before the mid-point of the semester and four after. You will select the classes for which you will post during the first week of class.


ONE of these posts will be a mid-term self-reflection.


ONE of these posts will be on your historical event.


All posts must be up by the MIDNIGHT before class.


These responses should be between 250 and 350 words, and can be written with informal, personal prose. However, direct references to others’ work must be accompanied by a citation or hyperlink. After the first set of posts, you must reference a post by one of your colleagues. You should budget 30 minutes (in addition to the reading) for each response.


These responses will be assessed as:

  • Excellent (nuanced commentary on both readings and peer responses): 100
  • Satisfactory (commentary on both readings and peer responses free of factual errors): 85
  • Unsatisfactory (did not comment on either readings or peer responses, OR substantive factual errors): 70
  • No submission: 0


Your overall response grade will be an average of the grades of your ten responses.