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Writing guidelines: You are expected to master the citation style that is common among historians. This style is known as Chicago Style. The Chicago Manual of Style is available online, and in library. It is also the style modeled in A Pocket Guide to Writing History.

All preparatory assignments must be submitted electronically, via Turnitin on Titanium. They must be in .doc format, and include a (catchy – not just “Paper 1 for 300A”) title and your name. They must use the following formatting:

  • Microsoft word .docx
  • 12 pt Times New Roman
  • Double spaced
  • 1 inch margins

For preparatory assignments 5-11, you will be working in the same file. This means that you will submit the file to me, I will add comments, and you will add the next assignment to that file. Failure to submit your in-progress file will result in a loss of 1/3 of a letter grade.