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Participation: An essential component of the craft of history is expressing yourself clearly in a variety of ways, including orally. In this course, your learning depends upon your regular, informed and thoughtful participation in discussion.

Participation will be assessed both by how much you contribute in whole-class discussions, and how much you contribute to discussions in group work. When working in groups, your participation grade will include your collaboration and civility – talking over or interrupting your colleagues will not accrue you more points!

Participation will be assessed as:

  • Excellent (multiple comments / questions in class or in group work): 100
  • Satisfactory (one comment / question in class or in group work): 80
  • Unsatisfactory (present in class, but no engagement): 50 points
  • Absent (see absence policy for a discussion of permitted absences)


I understand that speaking in class can be a stressful or daunting experience for some students, so I expect that everyone contribute to making the classroom a comfortable and respectful intellectual environment in which everyone can participate. If you have anxiety about public speaking, please arrange a meeting with me as soon as possible, so that we can discuss alternative means of engagement.


Your overall participation grade will be an average of your daily participation grades.