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You are expected to

  1. Have basic computer competency which includes:
    1. the ability to use a personal computer to locate, create, move, copy, delete, name, rename, and save files and folders on hard drives, secondary storage devices such as USB drives, and cloud such as Google Drive (Titan Aps) and Dropbox;
    2. the ability to use a word processing program to create, edit, format, store, retrieve, and print documents;
    3. the ability to use their CSUF email accounts to receive, create, edit, print, save, and send an e-mail message with and without an attached file; and
    4. the ability to use an Internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to search and access web sites in the World Wide Web.
  2. Have ongoing reliable access to a computer with Internet connectivity for regular course assignments
  3. Utilize Microsoft® Office 2013 (for P.C.) or 2011 (for Mac) including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to learn content and communicate with colleagues and faculty; have the ability to regularly print assignments
  4. Maintain and access their CSUF student email account at least once per day.
  5. Use Internet search and retrieval skills to complete assignments
  6. Use Titanium to access course materials
  7. Use the library website to access sources published in scholarly journals.


If you have any questions about technical support (including access to computers, software, etc) please get in touch with me or see the resources tab of this website.